masters of war

on tuesday night I gave the order
for british forces
to take part in military action against iraq

because we stand on st georges hill    because we are free men    never to bow to the lords    because we plough and rake this soil to grow    because we steal the water from the clouds and crowns from the kings    on this morning we wake    the weeds are high the common ground broken    stay out of the shadow         because even though they break our tools    because they fear for their private property    we look to each other as equals    in the creation    because the priests still distill their blood principles into the people      nurse up ignorance and suffering    as if it’s their right    because they provide cover for masters of war

my fellow citizens at this hour
american coalition forces are in the early stages
of military operations

your saviour might be a power within you    to deliver you from the bondage within    no miracles no heaven no original sin    the trees on the hill cover our souls     those who break our common treasury    lording it over us drawing lines on maps    to show laws were always that way    because they come with violent hatred    swords to drive us from the land    we call for universal education    schools for us to learn    not with magic    because to break ignorance is to create knowledge    abolish the standing armies     learn of other nations    stop foreign wars

with god on our side
to disarm iraq and to free its people
to defend the world from grave danger

weapons of mass destruction were never found

©nicholas catlin

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