ASK for the vibration of self love


ASK for the vibration of self love

filtered through rose quartz
ASK for the creme de la creme
an ambient bask
of crystal signals 

ASK for pulses of reaffirmation 
my spiritual mask
realigning accidental skin

ASK again ASK
for the egg crystals
balance my menstrual harmony

ASK for one polished garnet 
infused with terracotta orange
ASK for a ribbon on the box
crumple with brown sage
we pray to cleanse them

ASK Vanity Fair ASK for the straws 
to suck through amethyst
ASK Free People and Goop

ASK me what drew me 
to this carnelian
ASK women free to go
out without permission

ASK Anjoura in Madagascar
her husband ASK him
Choking red dust
in death tunnels
ASK mine moles blind for a dollar
too tired to feed the day

ASK the child to polish
with their own intentions

Speck in my eye 
ASK for a tissue

©nicholas catlin

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