We didn’t see that coming

Bird’s custard yellow?
I’ve got the emulsion he said
Like a canary down the pit
Methane nuclear explosion
We drained the oil
Bled the brakes
Welded a tin foil chocolate 
cup cake to the roof
It’s a fake business he hollered
You’ll want a cherry
Buy Dollars in a recession 
It didn’t come out too bad
Distinctive he said

20 metres from the dock
Thelma and Louise he sweated
More like Laurel and fucking Hardy
The Mini was steaming
Handbrake tight but damned
Then creaming off Bond style
That’s the way we planned
Except the back hooked up
We smashed forward hanging
Crushed we stared down
Over the lobster boats
Windscreen wipers wicking
our lips back and fro
The rusted cake collapsed
Tin fruit bounced on the deck
Busted we jumped 
It’s fucking freezing 
We need quantitative easing he said

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